How Do You Remove Stains From Leather Shoes?

Remove stains from leather by mixing a cream of tartar and lemon juice paste, working the paste into the spot, allowing the paste to sit, scrubbing with more paste and drying away from the sun. If water spots remain, wet the leather and dry it again.

  1. Mix the paste

    Mix equal portions of cream of tartar and lemon juice to make a paste.

  2. Work the paste into the spot

    Use a soft cloth to work the paste into the spot. If the spots remain after you work the paste into the shoe, allow it to remain a few hours to loosen the stain.

  3. Scrub with more paste

    After the paste has had a chance to work, apply more of the paste with the cloth. Scrub the leather to remove any remaining stain. Once you work the paste into the leather, wipe the surface clean.

  4. Dry the leather

    Allow the leather to dry in a location out of the sun and away from heat sources.

  5. Remove any water spots

    If water spots remain after cleaning the leather, moisten the area again using a small amount of water. Place it away from the sun to dry, or use a blow dryer to speed the drying process.