How Do You Remove Stains That Are Caused by Underarm Deoderant?


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Fresh deodorant stains can be removed with white vinegar. Stains that have discolored the clothing or set into the fabric can be removed with ammonia. The shirt should soak for about an hour before a normal wash in the warmest water recommended for the clothing.

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  1. Pour ammonia or vinegar onto the stain

    To treat old deodorant stains, pour about 1/2 cup ammonia onto the stain. Allow the cleaner to remain for a few moments. Do not mix other cleaners with ammonia, including laundry pretreatment products, to prevent dangerous fumes from developing. Rinse the shirt thoroughly with warm water. New stains can be removed by pouring a small amount of white vinegar onto the stain. Allow the vinegar to remain on the shirt for about 30 minutes. Rinse the garment with the warmest water possible.

  2. Wash the shirt

    Wash the shirt according to the instructions on the care label. If possible, use hot water and pretreat the stain with a standard pretreament product.

  3. Dry the shirt outdoors

    Allow the shirt to line dry in a sunny location to promote stain removal. If the stains are still visible after drying, retreat the shirt with vinegar or ammonia and repeat the washing process.

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