How Do You Remove Spray Paint?


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To remove spray paint, apply a chemical remover, such as paint thinner, to the sanded surface, scrub with a hard-bristle brush, and rinse with a pressure washer. Spot treat stubborn paint with a chemical remover and a steel wool brush.

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  1. Sand the paint

    With medium coarse sandpaper, scrub the paint. Disturbing paint surface assists in chemical and water penetration.

  2. Apply the chemical remover

    Apply paint thinner, or a similar chemical remover, directly to the spray paint. Allow the chemicals to soak for several minutes before scrubbing with a hard-bristle brush.

  3. Rinse the treated areas

    With a power washer, thoroughly rinse the chemically treated area. Navigate the pressurized water stream slowly to loosen stuck-on paint. Continue until the entire surface is rinsed clean.

  4. Inspect the treated areas

    Once rinsed, closely inspect the treated areas for leftover paint.

  5. Scrape remaining paint

    With a razor blade, carefully scrape away the remaining spray paint. Be careful to not scrape the underlining surface.

  6. Clean tough paint stains

    If paint is unable to be removed, soak a cloth in paint thinner. While wearing rubber gloves, firmly press the cloth into the paint, and scrub in a circular motion. Allow the chemicals to rest for 10 minutes before scrubbing with sandpaper or steel wool. Rinse the paint away with cold water.

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