How Do You Remove Smoke Smell From a Car?


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Steam cleaning, removing the smoke from the duct system, deodorizing the intake screen and cleaning the heater removes smoke smell from the heater. Utilizing an ozone shock treatment removes any leftover smoke odor. A vacuum, steam cleaner and deodorizer are needed for these actions.

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Remove trash from the car, and wipe down the inside with a cleaning product and vacuum the rug and upholstery. This way, the smoke smell is unable to hide on anything in the car. Steam cleaning the interior with an odor remover that uses an enzyme breaks down chemicals that cause the smoke odor. After parking the car in a well-ventilated area or outside, spray odor neutralizer in the air duct.

Next, set the parking brake, start the engine and turn the air conditioner and fan to its highest power to remove the smoke from the air-duct system. The air-intake screen for the heater and air conditioner must next be sprayed with odor neutralizer so that it can reach the air-intake system. The air-intake screen is typically found under the windshield. Cleaning the heater is the last step; turn the heater on to full heat and continuously spray neutralizer into the air intake to clean the heating core, ducts and blower.

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