How Do You Remove Smoke Smell?

How Do You Remove Smoke Smell?

Getting rid of smoke odor in a home requires exchanging the stale air for fresh, systematically cleaning all hard surfaces and cleaning any fibers. When renting, read the lease and speak with the landlord before you start cleaning. He is often responsible for hiring professionals for the task.

  1. Exchange the air

    Open the windows if possible. Place fans in the windows to pull in fresh air or exhaust the stale air. Place an air filter in the room, and keep it operating all the time. Change the filter in the device and in the central air conditioning regularly. If the smoke odor becomes worse when the heating or air conditioning is on, consider having a professional clean the system.

  2. Clean all hard surfaces

    Spot test the paint before using any product for cleaning. Wash the walls and ceiling using a product containing ammonia and glycol. Clean windows and mirrors using a mixture of vinegar and water. Allow the surfaces to dry for a couple of days, and smell them to see if the odor is gone.

  3. Wash the carpet

    Use a strong carpet cleaner to shampoo the carpets. Consider hiring a professional company for this task. When asking for quotes, inform the company you need to remove smoke odor. The process often requires special cleaners. While having the carpets cleaned, have the drapes and any window coverings professionally cleaned or replaced.