How do you remove smoke odors naturally?


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Fresh air, baking soda, white vinegar and steam cleaning are natural ways to reduce or remove the smell of smoke from a home or clothing. Removing a smoke odor that has built up over months or years may require several cleaning sessions before the odor is completely gone. In some situations, a complete repainting or re-carpeting of the house is necessary to fully eliminate a smoke odor.

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In some cases, you can remove freshly created smoke odors by simply introducing fresh air to the home. Opening doors or windows or setting up a fan to encourage air circulation can remove basic smoke odors quickly and effectively.

Smoke odors created over a prolonged period of time may require strenuous cleaning. Mix water and either baking soda or white vinegar to create an odor-removing spray that you can apply to walls, floors and carpets. After spraying down the areas with a smoky odor, rinse them down, and then dry them.

Another way to get smoke odors out of porous materials such as cloth furniture, clothing and carpets is to use a steam cleaning machine. If you want to remove odors faster, combine this cleaning technique with a vinegar or baking soda spray.

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