How Do You Remove Smells From Laundry?

How Do You Remove Smells From Laundry?

Ammonia and baking soda can be used to remove odors from clothing in a single afternoon. Clothing that is washed in ammonia or baking soda should be rinsed twice to remove laundry additives and to promote a clean, fresh scent. Allow the clothing to dry outdoors to completely remove any unpleasant scents.

  1. Wash clothing with ammonia or baking soda

    Add 1 cup of ammonia or 1 cup of baking soda at the beginning of the wash cycle after the washer has filled with water. If baking soda is used, wash the clothing in hot water to ensure it dissolves. You can also mix the baking soda into hot water, then pour the mixture into the washer at the beginning of the cycle.

  2. Wash the clothing with ammonia

    If you decide to use ammonia, do not use it with other chemicals, such as laundry soap that contains chlorine bleach. This combination may result in dangerous gases. Baking soda can be used along with regular detergent.

  3. Rinse the clothing again

    Rinse the clothing a second time to ensure all additives and detergents are removed.

  4. Hang the clothing outdoors to dry

    Hang the clothes outdoors in a sunny location. The air circulates through the clothing to assist in removing odors. The sunlight works to naturally kill the bacteria that causes odors.