How to Remove a Smell From a Mattress?

To remove a smell from a mattress, analyze its origin before any further action. Remove the origin of the scent, then cover the entire surface of the mattress with baking soda. Vacuum the baking soda off of the mattress, then apply a deodorizing cleaner.

  1. Take off all sheets

    Remove all of the sheets off the mattress, leaving it bare.

  2. Find the origin of the smell, and remove it

    Inspect all parts of the mattress to find the origin of the scent. Sweat, dust, dead skin, spills and stains are the common source of mattress odor. However, you must also look out for critters, bodily fluid and nests. Take the necessary step to remove the item causing the odor.

  3. Apply baking soda

    Cover the surface of the mattress with baking soda. Use a fitted sheet to cover the mattress, trapping the baking soda underneath.

  4. Vacuum the mattress

    Leave the baking soda on the mattress for as long as possible, ideally until the bed has to be used again. In order to remove the baking soda, take the sheet off the mattress, and use a vacuum to remove dust, dead skin and the baking soda.

  5. Apply a scented cleaner

    Buy a cleaner designed to get rid of unwanted odors, and apply it to the mattress by using the labeled instructions.