How Do I Remove the Smell of Deodorant From a Man's Clothes?


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One should remove deodorant stains from washable fabrics, including most clothing, by pretreating the mark directly with pre-wash stain remover, according to HowStuffWorks. After pretreating, one should check the stain to see if it is loosening. If the stain is improving after the treatment, then the clothing should be washed as usual. The stain must be gone before drying the garment.

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If pretreating a deodorant stain does not help, a white vinegar rinse may remove the residue, HowStuffWorks advises. In the event that a tough stain doesn't come out even with white vinegar, one can try soaking the stained area in denatured alcohol, then washing it as usual. The stained area with clean water should always be rinsed before washing to ensure that the stain vanishes with the treatment; if it doesn't, it is likely necessary to repeat the treatment. For fresh deodorant stains, Michelle Phan suggests using a pair of clean pantyhose to rub out the stain. One should ball up a new pair of nylons and scrub the dry stain as if using a sponge. The stain should stick to the nylon and lift out of the fabric. If nylons are not available, one should try using a fresh dryer sheet instead.

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