How Do You Remove the Smell of a Dead Mouse?

To remove the smell of a dead mouse, find the mouse and dispose of it, contact a professional or use natural ventilation. Deodorizing air fresheners and disinfectants can also help remove the smell.

Identifying the source of the smell and disposing of the dead mouse is the most important step in ridding the home of the stench. Because dead mice are usually located within walls or rafters, it is sometimes necessary to endure the smell until it disappears on its own. This means waiting until the mouse has completely decomposed, which may take three weeks or more. Another option is contacting a professional who can break through and rebuild the affected walls; however, this can be costly and is not always a viable option.

The unsettling scent of the dead mouse can linger up to two weeks after the mouse has been removed. In this case, natural ventilation is necessary to quicken the dissipation of the odor. This can be accomplished by opening windows and using electric fans. Also, air fresheners and disinfectants can help eliminate the smell. While cleaning any contaminated areas, you should wear gloves and respirators with working cartridges, as rodents such as mice can carry a number of diseases.