How Do You Remove the Smell of a Dead Animal?

Remove the smell of a dead animal by removing the decaying carcass and applying an enzymatic wash to the affected area. Freshen the air using an air cleaner with an absorbent filter, an odor neutralizer or a deodorant that masks the smell.

Because animals often hide to die, locating the carcass for disposal is difficult. Most professionals use their sense of smell and watch for flies or other signs of the carcass. Drilling small holes into the wall cavity and using a telescoping inspection mirror is sometimes helpful. Some professionals also use a fiber optic scope to locate the dead animal.

In instances where it is not possible to remove the dead animal, adding the enzymes or deodorant through an opening in the wall cavity can reduce the smell. However, depending on the size of the animal, full decomposition of the body can take two weeks to several months.

After removing the animal from the home, the scent typically remains, especially in tightly closed spaces. To eliminate the final traces of smell, open windows, and allow fresh air into the room. If you have done a good job of removing the source of the odor, the smell should dissipate quickly.