How Do You Remove a Small Tree From Your Yard?


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To remove a tree from the yard, it first needs to be cut down. After it has been cut down, the tree stump is then removed using a variety of different methods.

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There are a few different tools that can be used to cut down a small tree, including a manual or electric saw, or an axe. The tool used depends largely on the size and type of tree. After it has been cut down, the stump needs to be removed. This tends to be the most difficult part.

While optional, tree stumps are usually removed. They take up space in a backyard or garden, can be a hazard, and take away from the appearance of the yard. Manual stump grinders are available to remove the stump, which can be rented. They are also available for purchase, but since they are pricey, it is not always worth buying one brand new. Other tools needed to remove a small tree stump include a chainsaw, rake and shovel.

When dealing with removal of a tree, safety is important. Always wear protective gear over the eyes, mouth, head and hands. Never trim trees or remove tree stumps in bad weather conditions. Look at the felling direction of the tree before removing it to avoid accidents. Avoid turning away from a falling tree. If it is a taller tree, do not climb it with tools in hand; get someone else to help.

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