How Do You Remove a Sliding Window?

To remove a sliding window, undo the security devices of the window, remove the screws of the side rails, and remove the rubber piece in the window's upper track. Then, undo the lock of the window, open it nearly completely, and lift one window panel into the upper track. Finally, bring the panel out from the track at the bottom, and lower it.

Begin removing a sliding window by looking for and removing security devices in the window's lower track. Then, identify the screws on the window's side rails, and loosen them.

Look for a rubber piece at the midpoint of the window's upper track, and pry it out using a screwdriver. This piece should be located at the point where the window's stationery and sliding panels lie partly over one another when the window is shut.

After undoing the lock of the window, slide it to one side till it is almost open. Now, hold the two sides of one window panel by hand. Hold the panel firmly to avoid dropping and damaging it. When lifting the window upwards, push one whole panel into the upper track.

To bring the panel out from the lower track, swing it out from its position. Finally, lower the panel to take it out from the upper track.