How Do You Remove a Sliding Glass Door?

To remove a sliding glass door, pull the rollers into the door by turning the adjustment screws counter-clockwise, tilt the top of the sliding door, and lift it from the door track. Undo the screws that hold the fixed glass in place, tilt its top, and remove the door.

  1. Unscrew the sliding glass

    Locate and turn the adjustment screws counter-clockwise with a screwdriver to pull the rollers into the door to create space for tilting and removing the door. Loosen and remove the head stop screws.

  2. Remove the sliding glass

    Push the sliding side of the door to the middle of the track. Standing inside the house, tilt the top of the door inwards, and lift the door from the bottom track. If necessary, have an assistant help you tilt the door.

  3. Remove the fixed glass

    Loosen and remove the screws holding the stationary door in place, tilt the upper side of the door inward, and lift the door from the track. Use a pry bar to pry out the door track and door jab. If the pry bar fails to work, cut the track screws with a reciprocating saw, cut the track in the middle, and pull it out.