How Do You Remove the Skunk Smell From a Car?

Although there are many methods for removing a skunk odor from a vehicle, one of the most effective methods requires cleansing the exterior of the vehicle with mustard powder. The process requires the use of a self-serve car wash, mustard powder, white vinegar, cat deodorizer pellets, baking soda, a bucket, spray bottle, sponge, broom and a wet-dry vacuum. The entire process could take up to two hours.

  1. Bring your vehicle and materials to a self-serve car wash

    Bring your bucket, mustard powder, sponge and spray bottle to a self-serve car wash. Mix the mustard powder in a bucket full of water and fill the spray bottle with the mustard powder solution. Thoroughly spray the solution across the entire under area of the vehicle, as well as the tires and wheel wells. If you know the exact area that the skunk made impact with your vehicle, spray a generous amount of the mustard powder solution to that area. Let the solution set for up to ten minutes. Set the provided spray hose to the cleansing mode, and thoroughly rinse the mustard powder solution from your vehicle.

  2. Cleanse under the hood

    Spray the engine compartment side panels with the mustard powder solution, and take care not to spray any electrical parts. Use a damp sponge to thoroughly wipe the solution from the side panels.

  3. Drive the vehicle home with the windows down

    Drive your vehicle home with all of the windows down and park your vehicle in a shaded area. Open the hood and all of the doors.

  4. Cleanse the interior of the vehicle

    Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray inside the air filter, air intake vent and air conditioning vents. Wipe clean with a sponge. Saturate the entire interior of your vehicle with the vinegar solution. Wipe off any excess solution with a sponge. Start your vehicle and run the fan on the re-circulating mode for five minutes. Sprinkle an equal amount of baking soda and deodorizer pellets onto the floor of your vehicle, and activate by spreading the powder with a broom. Let the mixture set for up to 15 minutes, and thoroughly remove with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.