How Do You Remove Silicone Sealer?


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Removing silicone sealer involves cutting, drying, using removing paste, sealant and water. Once the silicone has been removed, new silicone can be added to the area for an improved seal and aesthetic.

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  1. Cut into the silicone
  2. To remove the old silicone, take a sharp knife and cut into the silicone. Try to make as many indents as possible, and then pull out the pieces that can be removed by hand. Do this until as much of the silicone as possible has been removed, and then let the area dry. 
  3. Silicone remover serum
  4. Once the area has dried, apply a silicone remover serum to the remainder of the old silicone. To determine the specific amount of serum to apply, follow the instructions on the back of the serum for best results. Let the serum soften the silicone for 2 to 4 hours, and then apply more if needed and repeat until the silicone is soft.
  5. Finish removal
  6. When the silicone has softened, it should be easy to remove with methylated spirits. Water should not be used until all of the silicone has been removed. After removing the silicone, the surface will be ready to apply a new treatment of silicone and sealant to the area.
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