How Do You Remove Silicone Caulk From a Shower?

How Do You Remove Silicone Caulk From a Shower?

Use a hair dryer set to high heat to soften the silicone caulk around a shower and then cut it away using a razor blade. Remove all of the silicone caulk from the shower surface to ensure that fresh caulk adheres completely.

Silicone caulk forms a tight waterproof seal between the joints in a bathroom shower. Unfortunately, caulking doesn't last forever, peeling up and separating from the plastic walls in spots. New silicone caulk is the only answer, but first, the old caulk must be removed.

  1. Warm up the caulk
  2. Heat up the silicone caulk until it is softened with a hair dryer. Start out with the dryer on low heat and gradually increase until it has an effect on the silicone. It may take about 40 seconds to heat up the silicone enough. Remember to continuously move the hair dry so that no one section of the caulking material or the plastic shower stall gets too hot.

  3. Remove the silicone
  4. Use a straight razor blade to slice the silicone caulking into small sections. Scrape the softened silicone away from the joint in the shower. With luck, the entire section will come away without leaving behind any remnants. Heat the silicone caulking as needed while working.

  5. Scrape away remaining caulk
  6. Keep running the straight razor blade over the joints of the shower stall to remove all of the leftover caulking. A little heat may be needed from the dryer to loosen those bits and pieces.