How Do You Remove Scratches From Plastic?

Remove scratches from plastic by cleaning the surface and buffing out the scratch with brass cleaner on a microfiber cloth and then cleaning the surrounding area with a vinegar-and-water mixture. Additional applications may be necessary depending on how deep the scratch is.

  1. Clean the plastic

    Clean the plastic with dishwashing detergent, water and a clean towel. Rinse completely and repeat until all dirt, grime and oils are removed. Dry the plastic, or allow it to air-dry.

  2. Rub in the brass cleaner

    Put on a pair of goggles, and open the windows to ventilate the area well. Then apply some brass cleaner to the clean microfiber towel, and begin rubbing it in circular motions on the scratch.

  3. Wipe off the excess cleaner

    Using a clean towel, wipe off any excess cleaner, and inspect the area to ensure the scratch is gone.

  4. Repeat if necessary

    If you still notice the scratch, apply more brass cleaner to the microfiber towel, and rub it on the area again. This time, use more pressure than you did before. Continue until the scratch is no longer noticeable.

  5. Clean the area around the scratch

    Clean the plastic around the scratched area with a paper towels and a vinegar-and-water mixture, without getting the solution on the scratch.