How Do You Remove Scratches From Laminated Wood Floors?

Remove scratches from a laminated wood floor using a laminate floor repair wax pencil, putty or a touch-up kit. A touch-up kit may be purchased from the same manufacturer as the floor and typically includes a marker, a filler crayon or pencil and a varnish. It is important when using either of these three methods that the color of the laminate flooring is matched with the color of the repair product.

  1. Fix smaller scratches

    Fill in the smaller, shallow scratches on the laminate flooring using either a wax pencil or a filler crayon. Move the wax stylus back and forth over the scratch. Once the scratch has been filled in, buff the area to even out the wax and hide the scratch.

  2. Fill in larger scratches and divots with putty or varnish

    For more extensive damage, press a small amount of putty into the scratch or depression. Use a putty knife to remove the excess putty from the area. Touch-up kits come with a solvent, such as acetone, that may then be used to clean the flooring around the scratch to further remove any leftover putty from the surrounding floor. Let the putty dry before lightly sanding the surface to smooth out the area over the scratch. Make sure to avoid sanding the laminate flooring, as this damages the boards. Next, apply a thin layer of varnish to the area over the scratch. Let the varnish dry, and then lightly sand it down to completely repair the scratch.

  3. Remove heavily damaged laminate floor planks

    In some cases, an area of laminate flooring is so heavily damaged that it must be replaced. Use leftover laminate floor boards, or purchase single planks from the manufacturer to replace the damaged flooring. Because laminate floor planks lock together, the floor must be taken apart starting at the nearest wall. Work back to the plank that needs to be replaced. Replace the damaged laminate plank, and then reconstruct the floor.