How Do You Remove Scratches From Laminate Floor?

How Do You Remove Scratches From Laminate Floor?

To remove scratches from a laminate floor, filler putty is used to fill in the scratch before it is colored with a repair pen. Deep scratches may require that the entire plank be replaced.

A few steps easily repair most scratches in laminate flooring.

  1. Choose filler putty and a repair pen
  2. Putty is available in oil-based and water-based options. Repair pens come in numerous shades so buyers can easily match their floor's color.

  3. Fill in the scratch
  4. A putty knife works well to insert the putty into the scratch. When the scratch is filled, the excess putty needs to be scraped off.

  5. Color the repaired area
  6. The repair pen is used to stain the putty the correct tone. When dry, acetone works well to remove residue or haze.