How Do You Remove Scorch Marks From Clothes?

remove-scorch-marks-clothes Credit: Ryan Pendleton/Moment/Getty Images

Light scorch marks on clothing, such as those caused by an iron, may be repaired by applying a chemical mixture, allowing it to soak and then laundering the clothing. This process, which is recommended by Good Housekeeping, can take as long as an hour, not including the laundering time. You need hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, water and oxygen bleach. Remember to spot test the fabric before applying the hydrogen peroxide, as some colors or fabrics can fade or become discolored.

  1. Apply hydrogen peroxide to the scorched areas

    Good Housekeeping recommends using an eye dropper for application. Hydrogen peroxide is most effective in removing scorch marks on cotton or linen fabrics and can be purchased at any grocery or drug store.

  2. Apply one or two drops of ammonia

    Use the eye dropper to apply the ammonia on top of the hydrogen peroxide.

  3. Allow the mixture to sit on the stain for a few minutes to an hour

    Continue to re-wet the stain with the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia as needed. Do not allow the mixture to dry.

  4. Rinse with water

    Flush out the chemicals using cold tap water.

  5. Launder using oxygen bleach

    Before taking this step, ensure the fabric is safe for bleaching. If the care instructions prohibit bleaching, launder without using bleach.