How Do You Remove a Schlage Door Lock?

To remove a Schlage door lock, first unscrew the mounting bolts and separate the interior and exterior handles; then, force out the latch mechanism with a screwdriver and finally remove the strike plate. Schlage door locks are designed for easy installation and removal.

The mounting bolts of the Schlage door locks are located on the inner side of the lock. To remove these, remove the screws with a screwdriver and loosen them completely. This detaches the mounting bolt from the door lock.

To separate the interior and exterior handles of the door lock, pull the inner handle away from the outer one. Carefully set the two handles aside. To take out the latch mechanism, slide a screwdriver into one of its holes, then use the screwdriver to force the latch mechanism is forced out from the side of the door.

The strike plate of the Schlage door lock is located in the door jamb. To remove it, loosen the screws completely and then tug at the plate to pull it away from the door.

Schlage door locks eventually need to be removed as they undergo wear and tear with use over a number of years; luckily, they're easy to remove and don't require a technician's help.