How Do You Remove Rust From Well Water?


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Installating a water softening unit, injecting a rust removal additive and installing a rust removal filter are ways to remove rust from well water. Test your well's water to determine the level and type of contaminants present before taking action.

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Water-quality test kits that detect the pH, hardness and iron and manganese content are available at most home improvement stores. The water likely has rust in it if any of those elements test higher than the normal range.

The salt pellets used in water softening units naturally remove some of the rust in the incoming water supply. Home improvement stores, including Lowe's and The Home Depot, typically sell softeners. The units are available in various sizes and prices. Small units attached to sinks remove low levels of rust and improve the water's taste. For rust at higher concentrations, whole-home units are a better choice to protect appliances from rust buildup and laundry from staining. For wells with a higher level of contamination, additional rust removal products are available that can be used as additives to water softening units.

Install rust removal filters in addition to water softeners for very high levels of water rust. A rust filter installed in the well's plumbing system removes a significant amount of material before it reaches the softener. These units are also commonly available through the same sources.

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