How Do You Remove Rust From Tools?


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To remove rust from tools, soak in Coke or white vinegar for 24 hours, then immediately apply a generous amount of citrus cleaner or Scrubbing Bubbles to all metal components. Allow the cleaner to soak for several minutes, then scrub the tool with steel wool, a brass brush or a toothbrush. Once the metal parts are sufficiently clean and free of rust, apply a paste wax, allowing it to stand for a while before wiping clean with a paper towel.

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Prior to beginning the rust-removal process, disassemble the tool, keeping careful track of all small parts and how to fit them back together afterwards, and set aside any wooden components. Remove any oil or grime by scrubbing with dish soap and warm water prior to soaking the tool. Heavily rusted tools need to soak prior to cleaning, but this step is not necessary for tools with only a small amount of rust. If most of the rust is not gone after soaking, repeat the soaking process for another 24 hours. Dry the tool thoroughly between each step to avoid more rust formation from moisture.

After cleaning and waxing the tool, lubricate any screws or moving parts, and sharpen any blades before reassembling the pieces. Use a dust cloth soaked with mineral oil to wipe down the entire tool, which protects it and prevents further rusting.

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