How Do You Remove Rust Stains?

How Do You Remove Rust Stains?

Remove rust stains from fabric by scraping away as much of the rust as possible with a teaspoon, saturating with lemon juice, liberally sprinkling with salt and letting it sit for 24 hours. Blot the spot with an absorbent cloth, rinse the fabric with cool water and repeat the process if necessary.

  1. Scrape the stain to remove loose rust

    Gently scrape the rust spot with the edge of a teaspoon to remove loose pieces of rust. Work gently to avoid damaging the fibers in the fabric.

  2. Apply lemon juice

    Thoroughly saturate the rust spot with lemon juice.

  3. Add salt

    Liberally sprinkle salt over the lemon juice. The salt and lemon juice create a chemical reaction to remove the rust.

  4. Wait

    Let the lemon juice and salt sit on the stained area for 24 hours. This gives the chemical reaction time to loosen the stain.

  5. Blot the fabric

    Press absorbent toweling on the stained area to lift the stain out of the fabric. Do not rub, as this can damage the fabric.

  6. Rinse

    Run cold water over the stained area to remove any residual rust.

  7. Repeat if necessary

    If the stain is not completely gone, apply more lemon juice and salt, and repeat the process until no stain remains.