How Do You Remove Rust From Pool Water?

Remove rust from your swimming pool by shocking the water and vacuuming the precipitated rust. The required supplies are a water testing kit, shock treatment packets, chelating chemicals and a pool vacuum. Although the time required varies with the size of the pool and the amount of rust it contains, most treatments take about a day.

  1. Test the water

    Use the water testing kit to verify that iron is the source of the problem. Test the pool's chlorine level as well.

  2. Shock the pool

    Add shock chemicals to the pool. The appropriate amount depends on the size of the pool, its chlorine level and the recommendations of the pool manufacturer.

  3. Inspect and vacuum the pool

    Inspect the pool several hours after shocking. When the floor is covered in rust particles, vacuum it.

  4. Retest the water

    Retest the water and shock the pool again if necessary. Repeat the cycle of testing, shocking and vacuuming until the water is clear and the pool floor is clean.

  5. Add chelating agents

    Prevent rusty water with regular doses of chelating agents. These chemicals bind microscopic iron and copper particles into bundles easily removed by your pool's filtering system. Regular filter cleaning maximizes the benefits of chelating agents and keeps your pool water rust-free.