How Do You Remove Rust With Household Items?

To remove rust with household items, scrub the rust with an abrasive product, such as a wire brush or sandpaper, then apply household rust removers like lime, baking soda, vinegar, a potato or soda. Commercial rust-removal products are more effective, but household products work in a pinch.

Gather as many supplies as possible before removing rust. When one doesn't work, another might.

  1. Scrub the rust
  2. Use an abrasive product to scrub the rust. The stains will flake off the surface, making the base more vulnerable to the next step.

  3. Apply household products
  4. A paste made from baking soda and water might remove rust. Distilled white vinegar is also a popular rust remover. Scrubbing the rust with a peeled potato or soaking it in soda can finish the job.