How Do I Remove Rust From Antiques?


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To remove rust from an antique, remove the existing sealant or paint, apply rust remover, brush and rinse the item, fill gouges with metal putty, and apply sealant. This 90-minute process requires gloves, paint remover, rust remover, water, a brush, a sponge, metal putty, a putty knife, sandpaper and sealant.

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  1. Remove existing paint or sealant

    Put on rubber gloves, and take the rusty antique to a well-ventilated work area. Cover it with paint remover, let the chemical work for several minutes, and scrape off the paint with a stiff cleaning brush.

  2. Apply rust remover

    Coat the rusted areas with rust remover, and leave it on for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer.

  3. Brush and rinse the item

    Pour water over the area to remove the rust and solvent. Wet a sponge, and rub it over the remaining rust particles. If this does not remove the rust, reapply the rust remover, give it more time to work, and attempt to remove the rust again.

  4. Repair rust damage

    Fill in rust-pitted areas with metal putty, and dry it according to the directions on the package. Sand the dried putty.

  5. Seal the item

    Protect the metal with a coat of clear sealant. Do not touch or move the item until the sealant is hard and dry.

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