How Do You Remove and Replace a Chandelier?

Removing and replacing a chandelier is a quick update for your home that can usually be completed in under an hour. Tools needed include a voltage tester, wire stripper, wire cutters and two wire pliers. After turning off the power, remove the old fitting, choose the appropriate hanging length, then wire and hang the new chandelier.

  1. Turn off the power and remove the old chandelier

    Turn off the power to the switch at the main circuit box. Test with a voltage tester. Don't proceed if the power is still on. Take off the chandelier base, and unscrew the wires nuts located in the electrical box. Using the pliers, remove the chain from the electrical box. Lower the chandelier to the ground.

  2. Identify the desired height for the new chandelier

    Hold the new chandelier up by the chain to the electrical box. Identify the top link for hanging the chandelier at the desired height. Using pliers, open the link above, and remove the extra chain.

  3. Wire the new chandelier

    Feed the wiring through the chain, leaving 8 inches above the end. Strip the insulation so 1/2 inch of wiring is exposed. Match the black, white and green wires on the chandelier to the same colored wires in the electrical box. Connect with the wire nuts.

  4. Hang the new chandelier

    Open the last link of the chain with the pliers. Hang the chain in the loop provided on the electrical box, squeezing closed with the pliers. Place the wires in the electrical box, and install the ceiling cover plate.