How Do You Remove a Red Dye Stain on Wood Furniture?

Remove a red dye stain from finished wood furniture by mixing a paste of baking soda and vinegar, scrubbing the stain and rinsing with a sponge dipped in tap water. If the process lightens the color of the wood, apply wood stain to restore it.

  1. Mix the paste

    Mix enough vinegar and baking soda to make a thick paste about the consistency of toothpaste. The products foam when mixed together, so use a large container.

  2. Scrub the stain

    Apply the paste to the stain. Gently rub the paste using your fingers or a sponge. Continue scrubbing until the stain lightens. If the paste begins to dry as you work, pour a little vinegar on the area.

  3. Rinse the stain

    Dip a rag in tap water. Squeeze most of the water from the rag, and remove the paste. If the stain remains, apply more of the paste, and repeat the process until the stain disappears.

  4. Repair the finish

    If the stain-removal process causes the wood finish to become significantly lighter, apply a matching wood stain, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and wipe the stain away. You may need to apply the stain more than once to reach the desired color.