How Do You Remove the Pump in a GE Top-Load Washer?

The water pump on your GE top loading washing machine may be removed for replacement if it has failed. Before removing the water pump, check inside for items that are stopping the water flow. Use a bucket, putty knife, pliers and a screwdriver to complete this job in a few minutes.

  1. Disconnect the machine

    Unplug the machine from the power outlet. Turn off the hot and cold water and remove the hoses.

  2. Remove the water from the tub

    If the pump is not working you are likely to find the tub filled with water. Use a garden hose to create a siphon to remove water from the tub.

  3. Open the top

    Slide the putty knife into the seam between the front and top panel. Slide to the left and right until you feel the clips. Push in to release the clips. Lift the top and disconnect the electrical connection. Remove the top from the machine.

  4. Remove the back panel

    Remove the screws that secure the back panel from the machine. Remove the panel to access the pump.

  5. Disconnect the pump

    Loosen the top motor coupling clamp with a screwdriver. Remove the pump mounting bolts. Carefully pull the pump away while catching any remaining water in the bucket. Remove the hose clamps and the hoses to remove the pump.