How Do You Remove Price Sticker Glue?


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Remove price sticker glue and the residue left behind by scraping off as much as possible, applying a solvent or other solution, scrubbing with a soft brush or towel, rinsing the surface and washing the item. Trying more than one product to remove the residue may be necessary.

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  1. Scrape off as much glue as possible

    Using a fingernail, butter knife or another hard, blunt instrument, scrape off as much of the remaining glue as possible. Be careful not to nick or puncture the item.

  2. Apply a solvent or other product to the glue

    Many products, including those purchased at the store and things found in the home, can be applied to residual glue to loosen and remove it. Try rubbing alcohol, peanut butter, Goo Gone, WD-40, soap or hand sanitizer.

  3. Scrub the residue

    Using a soft brush or towel, gently scrub the glue residue. Work the product into the glue, and then wipe it away. If the residue remains, rinse the first solvent used, and try another. Repeat scrubbing with the brush or towel.

  4. Rinse and wash

    Once the sticker glue is gone, wipe or rub away any remaining solvent or cleaning product used. Rinse the item, and wash it normally. For clothes, wash according to the label instructions. For other items, use mild soap and water or a spray cleaner.

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