How Do I Remove Pool Scum?

remove-pool-scum Credit: ihsanyildizli/E+/Getty Images

The accumulation of pool scum can become a nasty and unhygienic problem. The scum can lead to the buildup of lines of organic waste around the outside of the pool, which becomes very unsightly. To get rid of this pool scum, you need protective eyewear, rubber gloves, a sponge and a bottle of liquid pool scum cleaning product.

  1. Lower the water level slightly

    Use your pool's water level system to lower the water level slightly below normal. This should result in some of the scum line being exposed and away from the water, which can improve the efficiency of the cleaning products that are sprayed onto it.

  2. Spray the pool cleaning product onto the scum

    Spray the scum line directly with the liquid pool cleaning product. Once all of the scum has been coated, let this solution sit on the walls of the pool for about three to five minutes.

  3. Wipe down and repeat if necessary

    Using your sponge, wipe down the scum lines that have been coated with the cleaning product. In some cases, this is enough to get rid of the scum altogether. If the scum is difficult to remove, wipe down as much as you can and repeat this entire process until all of the pool scum has been removed.