How Do You Remove Pink Mildew Stains?

remove-pink-mildew-stains Credit: DNY59/E+/Getty Images

According to Corina Wilson at, pink mildew stains can be immediately removed by spraying a solution of 50 percent bleach and 50 percent water on affected surfaces. Pink mildew stains may also be removed using commercial sprays that are designed to penetrate and remove under-the-surface stains. Spraying the shower and bathtub once a week with undiluted vinegar helps to prevent the mildew from returning.

In addition to weekly vinegar treatments, there are also commercial daily shower sprays that contain solvents that break down soap scum and create a protective layer that prevents new mildew from forming on shower tiles and walls. Daily shower sprays are designed to be used immediately following a shower, when the walls are still warm and moist. The cleaning solvents combine with the water to instantly break down dirt, soap scum and moisture before it has a chance to penetrate into the tile or grout lines.

Mildew is common in household bathrooms because of a combination of poor ventilation and excess moisture. It thrives in porous areas of grouted tile that tend to be constantly moist. If a tub's caulking seal is broken or damaged, mildew can also develop behind the caulking. It is important for individuals with mold or mildew in their tubs or showers that has developed behind the caulking to contact a cleaning professional to ensure adequate removal.