How Do You Remove Photographs Stuck to Glass?

Removing photographs stuck to glass can be very tricky. You need a blow dryer, a bowl of warm water, or some newspaper and gloves, depending on what method you decide to use. Heating the glass with a blow dryer may do the trick, but you may need to soak the picture off or even freeze it to remove it from the glass.

  1. Backup the copy

    As removing a photograph from glass is never a guaranteed success, create a digital backup of the photo by scanning it or taking a photo of it first. If you're having trouble creating the backup, consider taking it to a professional scanning company.

  2. Heat the glass

    Using a blow dryer on the low-heat setting, blow warm air towards the back of the photograph. Do this for about four or five minutes and attempt to pull back a small corner of the photo. If it gives, repeat the process slowly for the rest of the photograph.

  3. Soak the photo

    Soak the entire photograph and glass in a bowl of water. This may help if the print is from the 1930s or newer. However, it may not be as effective if the photos have been stuck to the glass for a long period of time.

  4. Freeze the photo

    Remove the frame and wrap the glass and photo in newspaper. Wearing gloves, place the entire package in the freezer for about an hour. Afterwards, take everything out and carefully separate the photograph from the glass.