How Do You Remove Pests From Your Home?


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To remove pests from your home, identify the type of pest problem you have and use the appropriate products for that type of pest. Rats require poisons or traps, while roaches and ants require sprays, foggers or bait traps. Fleas require professional sprays, as well as treatment and pills for pets or hair.

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Rats and other rodents are typically drawn to food, so keep food sealed, surfaces clean and trash covered or thrown out. Only use rodent poison with help from a professional, because it is toxic for people, as well. There are various kinds of traps available for rodents, some that kill and some that only capture.

Roaches are usually a sign that the house or area around the home is not clean or sanitary, or there is a dampness in the garage or attic. Roaches leave droppings and are attracted to exposed food or standing water. Ants are drawn to cool places and food. You can remove ants and roaches in similar ways with baits, total-release sprays, residual sprays and boric acid dust.

Fleas are hard to kill, but foggers or house sprays target fleas in various places in the home. Because they generally attack pets or humans, treat fur and hair with shampoos, powders or foams. Veterinarians also prescribe pills or recommend flea collars.

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