How Do I Remove Pen Ink Without Bleaching?


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Water-based ink stains can be removed by applying rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball to absorb the ink stain, according to COIT Cleaning. Permanent ink can be removed by applying acetone or nail polish remover to the stain area. Rub the stained area with shaving cream for ballpoint ink stains.

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How Do I Remove Pen Ink Without Bleaching?
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Firmly pressing rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or shaving cream into ink stains on fabric may remove the stains if applied prior to washing, according to COIT Cleaning. It may be necessary to apply these chemicals multiple times, and with several clean cotton balls, to remove the stains completely. Thoroughly wash the fabric with laundry detergent after treating the stain.

Pen ink stains in carpet require cleaning methods to soften the ink and keep the stains from spreading. Spray hairspray on the ink stain and use a white cloth towel to blot away the hairspray and the stain. Avoid scrubbing the stained area. Instead, continue blotting with the towel to absorb the ink. Repeat the process until the stain disappears. Allow the carpet to dry, and then hand brush the area to remove traces of hairspray. Follow up by vacuuming the area thoroughly.

Ballpoint ink stains on carpet can also be removed by applying rubbing alcohol to the stain, blotting the ink out and cleaning the area with a warm wash cloth.

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