How Do You Remove a Palm Tree?


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The process to remove a palm tree requires a mechanical spade, a large piece of burlap, a tree trimmer and a hose. Palm tree owners should only attempt to remove and/or transplant trees that are less than 10 feet tall. Larger specimens need to be removed by a contractor or arborist to avoid injury.

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First use a hose to saturate the soil around the base of the palm tree. This makes it easier to remove the tree and reduces the amount of shock on the tree if it is being transplanted.

Next, use a mechanical spade to dig a hole around the base of the palm tree that has a radius of 3 feet and is 3 feet deep. Most palm trees that are less than 10 feet tall have a root ball that only extends 3 feet from the base of the tree. If the tree is being discarded, then remove the palm from the hole and dispose of it. If the tree is being transplanted, then wrap the root ball in the piece of burlap before removing it from the hole. Either way, it is best to have assistance when removing the palm, especially when dealing with larger trees.

Palm trees can also be cut down. It is best to hire a contractor or arborist to perform this task if the tree is very large. Once the tree has been cut down, grind away the stump using a stump grinder or completely remove it using heavy machinery such as a backhoe.

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