How to Remove Painted Stucco From Interior Walls?

Stucco is easily removed by wetting the surface and using a metal scraper. This is a project best worked on a few inches at a time. Take care to protect the floor from stucco as it is removed.

  1. Prepare the Room
  2. Remove all furniture from the room, or protect it with tarps. . Spread out a tarp on the floor to catch stucco as it is removed from the wall. Put on safety goggles and work gloves.
  3. Remove the Fixtures
  4. Remove any wall sconces, light switches and other fixtures from the wall. Switch off the power to that wall at the home circuit breaker box.
  5. Wet the Walls
  6. Fill a spray bottle with warm water. Spritz down a section of the wall thoroughly. A lot of water may be needed to adequately soften the stucco. Make a small hole in the wall by scraping away the wet stucco with the edge of the blade perpendicular to the stucco. Wet down another section of stucco to the side of this hole.
  7. Remove Sections of Stucco
  8. Place the edge of the scraper against the drywall that has been exposed by the small hole. Hold the scraper edge at a 30-degree angle and firmly push against the wet stucco in front of the scraper. The angle of the scraper and the pressure applied should force the stucco from the wall. Repeat this process in sections until all of the stucco is removed.