How Do You Remove Paint From Wood?

How Do You Remove Paint From Wood?

To remove paint from wood, apply an infrared paint stripper, scrape off the paint, apply lacquer thinner, sand the wood, and wash it. This one-hour process requires gloves, a particle mask, an infrared paint stripper, lacquer thinner, rags, a scraper, a power washer and a multi-tool with a sanding attachment.

  1. Apply the infrared paint stripper

    Turn on the infrared paint stripper, and hold it against the paint. Slowly move the device around the surface, and then remove the loosened paint with a scraper.

  2. Wipe the wood with lacquer thinner

    Put on latex gloves and a mask, and open nearby windows. Soak a rag in lacquer thinner, and rub it over the wood, focusing on areas that still have some paint on them. Wash the wood with the lacquer thinner, and then scrape it with the paint scraper. Take the rag outside, and leave it there until the lacquer thinner evaporates. Wait for the wood to dry before you proceed.

  3. Sand the wood

    Sand away the remaining paint particles with a multi-tool fitted with a sanding attachment. Pay careful attention to corners, carved areas and other spots that are difficult to strip.

  4. Wash the wood with a power washer

    Remove paint dust and sanding debris with a power washer, and then let the wood air dry.