How Do You Remove Paint From Linoleum?

For most paint splotches on linoleum, a bit of soapy water and some scrubbing can remove the paint stains. Tougher paint stains can require a little more work, including soaking the paint in rubbing alcohol before scrubbing the linoleum clean with a scouring pad.

Detergent mixed with warm water is generally capable of removing common latex paint spills. The detergent must have a pH of 7 or lower to avoid discoloring the linoleum surface. After mixing the detergent in with the water until it suds, a rag can be used to clean off the paint in about five minutes. Once the paint is removed, the linoleum should be rinsed of any soap residue using clean water.

Other paint types or tough latex stains require soaking the stain in rubbing alcohol for about 30 minutes. The alcohol is applied by saturating a rag in the alcohol and pressing it tightly to the stained area before leaving it in place. For safety reasons, safety goggles and rubber gloves should be worn to avoid contact with the alcohol.

After the 30-minute wait, the rag should be removed and the floor scrubbed clear of any remaining paint using a scrubbing pad. A circular motion is used during scrubbing to avoid scuffing the material. The linoleum is then rinsed with clean water, and a sealant is applied to prevent future water absorption.