How Do You Remove Paint?

How Do You Remove Paint?

Paint can be removed in several ways including using chemical strippers, liquid paint removers, brushable paint removers, spray paint removers, aerosol paint removers and by sanding and treating the paint with heat before scraping it off. Chemical paint removers make removing paint easier with minimal damage to the painted surface. Once it is applied, the paint can be removed either by scraping it off or simply by washing the paint off.

The following shows a method of removing paint using a chemical paint stripper called methylene chloride.

Step 1

Chemical strippers can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. It is highly recommended to put on protective wear such as heavy rubber gloves, charcoal-filtered respirators and goggles before handling these substances. It will also be a good idea to wear long sleeved shirt and to work in a well-ventilated area.

Step 2

Pour the methylene chloride onto the painted surface. Spread the thick liquid on the surface using a paintbrush and let the chemical sit on the paint. Cover the area with a wax paper to delay the evaporation of the methylene chloride.

Step 3

After letting the chemical sit on the paint according to the recommended length of time, take off the wax paper. Using a plastic spatula, scrape off the paint from the surface. After the paint has been scraped off, use rags dipped in mineral spirits to wipe the surface clean.