How Do You Remove Paint From Concrete?

How Do You Remove Paint From Concrete?

To remove paint from concrete, simply wash the concrete surface with soap, apply a suitable chemical paint stripper, and then wash again. You need chemical paint stripper, a broom, a putty knife, soap, a wire scrub brush and water. The process takes at least 10 hours.

  1. Sweep the concrete surface

    Sweep the concrete surface to remove the loose dirt. Prepare a solution of soap and water, and wash the surface using the wire scrub brush. Rinse the surface, and allow about three hours for it to dry.

  2. Scrape the surface, and apply the chemical paint stripper

    Using a putty knife, scrape away any paint that peels. Sweep the surface again. Don the protective gear, and apply a layer of the chemical paint stripper on the concrete surface. Use oil-based stripper if the paint is oil-based. Allow the surface to sit for six to eight hours for the chemical reaction to take place.

  3. Wash and rinse the surface

    Once the reaction has taken place, wash off the paint with water using a wire scrub brush and rinse the surface. Repeat the washing if necessary to remove any residue. For large surfaces, use a pressure washer. Leave the concrete surface to dry.