How Do You Remove Paint From Carpet?


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Remove paint from carpet by rubbing the paint with soapy water, working from the outside of the spot towards the center while the paint is still damp. Dry the spot as well as possible with a clean, dry cloth, and then let the spot air dry until no moisture remains.

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  1. Work soapy water into the spot

    Wet a soft cloth with a mixture of water and dish liquid. Work the solution into the stain with the cloth, moving from the outside edges towards the middle. Focus on gently pushing the paint up out of the fibers, first on the edges and then on the center portion of the stain. Use a gentle, circular motion to scrub only as hard as necessary to work the detergent into the carpet, and the paint out of the carpet fibers.

  2. Dry the stained area with an absorbent cloth

    Press on the area firmly with an absorbent cloth to remove moisture and any remaining paint residue. If the stain still remains, work a little more detergent solution into the spot, and then dab with a towel to dry again.

  3. Allow the area to air dry completely

    Avoid walking on the previously stained section of carpet until it has completely air dried and no moisture remains.

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