How Do You Remove Paint From Baseboards?

Apply a decent amount of paint stripper to the baseboard and allow it to work for a few minutes before removing with a paint scraper. Keep safety in mind while working with this chemical and wear safety goggles and gloves.

Paint can be removed from a baseboard relatively easily with the use of a paint stripper. This strong chemical softens the paint and causes it to peel up, so it is possible to scrape away from the wood surface.

  1. Prep the area
  2. Lay down several layers of newspapers or a drop cloth to protect the floor. If possible open up nearby windows to allow the flow of air, or use fans to keep fresh air flowing through the room. Put on safety goggles, rubber gloves and wear long sleeves.

  3. Apply the stripper
  4. Use a disposable brush to apply paint stripper to a small section of the baseboard, about 2 feet in length. Allow the stripper to work on the paint for several minutes. The amount of time needed for the stripper to work can vary depending on the brand, so follow the product instructions.

  5. Scrape off the paint
  6. Use a paint scraper, a wire brush or rags to wipe the peeling paint off the baseboard. Let the newspaper catch the peeled paint. Allow the stripped surfaces to dry overnight.