How Do You Remove Oxidation From Aluminum Siding?

How Do You Remove Oxidation From Aluminum Siding?

Removing oxidation from aluminum siding is often a simple process, but it may be exacerbated if the oxidation is especially heavy in certain areas. To get started, evaluate the amount of oxidation and decide what level of product you will need. Get the appropriate commercial oxidation product, a soft brush, some buffing cloth, sandpaper and a power buffer if dealing with heavy oxidation.

  1. Deal with light oxidation

    If the oxidation is not very extensive, then a minor oxidation product without acid should be able to take care of the problem. Most of these products are either sprays or paste and can be applied to the problem areas very easily. Afterwards, buff and clean the areas.

  2. Deal with medium oxidation

    If the initial cleaning doesn't work, prepare the oxidation product with a higher concentration than before. Spend some time and effort before moving on to the next step, as stronger oxidation products may cause problems.

  3. Deal with heavy oxidation

    If using a basic oxidation removal product or solution at the highest percentages does not work, you may need to switch to a more powerful product. These products often cause issues as they normally contain acids which may end up damaging the base aluminum. If using heavy oxidation products, be sure to buff up the siding in advance. Have sandpaper on hand to remove any pitting.