How Do You Remove an Oven Heating Element?


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To remove an oven's heating element, turn off the appliance's power, unplug it, take out the screws connecting the element to the oven and remove wires from the element. Complete replacement of a heating element generally takes less than one hour.

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Head to the breaker or fuse box to turn off the power to the oven before pulling the plug, reducing risk of electric shock. Remove the oven door for easy removal of the element, if desired. After unscrewing the screws, brackets and braces holding the element to the wall of the oven, pull it several inches outward before removing the screws securing the wires to the prongs of the element. Note down the directions and locations of the wires to use as a reference when the element is put back or replaced. Also, secure the wires with tape or another method to keep them from slipping back into the cavity.

While removing the element, be careful not to touch the capillary tube, a device that measures the oven's temperature.

To install a replacement element, attach the wires in the order they were in the old element, and replace all screws and securing devices. Plug the oven into the outlet and turn the breaker back on before testing the oven. Some smoking is normal when the element first heats up.

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