How Do You Remove an Old Bathtub?


When renovating a bathroom, it's sometimes necessary to replace the tub. Removing a bathtub involves several steps. Tubs are heavy, so enlist the aid of a helper before beginning the job. This can be a time-consuming project,

  1. Access the pipes

    Part of the difficulty of removing the tub is accessing the pipes that serve it. In some homes, there is a panel on the wall opposite the bathroom at the head of the tub. If there is no panel, cut the wallboard away to provide access or work from under the floor.

  2. Disconnect the tub

    Turn off the water to the bathroom. Disconnect the supply lines and the drain.

  3. Expose the bathtub ledger

    If the tub has a tile surround, remove the lowest layer of tiles to expose the tub ledger. If you find hanger clips, loosen them to release the tub.

  4. Pry from the wall

    Work a pry-bar behind the tub and gently pry it away from the wall. Work the length of the tub, moving it out a small amount at a time until it is free.

  5. Remove the tub from the bathroom

    Use team-lifting techniques with your assistants to carry the tub from the bathroom. One-piece tub and shower surrounds cannot fit through most bathroom doors. If replacing the tub, use a saw to cut the tub into pieces small enough to remove from the bathroom.