How do you remove oil stains from concrete?


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Remove oil stains from concrete by mixing trisodium phosphate with water and an absorbent material. TSP is a strong detergent that helps to break up the stain. As the water evaporates from the absorbent, the material soaks up the stain so it is swept away.

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How do you remove oil stains from concrete?
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There are several good choices for absorbents. For small oil stains, baby powder works. For larger stains, choose diatomaceous earth, Fuller's earth or another finely powdered material. While kitty litter and oil absorbents soak up oil, they are too coarse to mix into a paste. Removing the stain from the concrete sometimes requires applying the paste to the stain several times.

A second option uses cola and kitty litter. Place the litter over the stain and use a shoe to grind it into the oil. Allow it to sit to absorb any loose oil, sweep it into a dustpan and dispose of the oil-polluted litter in an appropriate manner. Use a scrub brush to work cola into the stain, keeping it wet with soda for at least 20 minutes, and rinse it away. Scrub away any remaining stain with laundry detergent and water.

For stains that resist other methods of removal, apply muriatic acid that is diluted in water to the stain. Once the acid stands for 10 minutes, rinse it and the remaining oil away.

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