How Do You Remove Oil From a Carpet?


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Oil can be removed from carpet with rubbing alcohol, a few drops of liquid soap, dry cleaning fluid and a clean, white washcloth. Avoid colored towels that can transfer color to the carpet.

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How Do You Remove Oil From a Carpet?
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If the oil has become a puddle on the carpet, use a spoon to remove the excess. Once the excess oil is removed, use paper towels to blot the stain using a lifting motion. Blot the stain working form the outside in. Add a small amount of cleaning solution to a clean white towel, and test a small area of the carpet to ensure it does not cause any further staining.

Blot the oil stain with a lifting motion, taking care not to rub. Rinse the towel, add more cleaning solution, and repeat until it no longer lifts oil from the carpet. If the stain remains after multiple attempts, apply a small amount of cleaning solution directly to the area. Do not allow the cleaning solution to sit directly on the area more than five minutes. Next, blot the area with dry, white towel until the excess moisture is removed. Cover the area with clean paper towels, and top them with a heavy weight. Wait several hours before removing the materials and running a vacuum over the area. If the stain remains, contact a professional cleaning company for assistance.

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